Wolds Stoves

Main Street, Foxholes, England, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Stove Types

Wood burning Stoves
Constructed from steel or cast iron these stoves are designed primarily to burn wood, although certain models can be multi fuel if fitted with a grate. Some models will provide enough output to run a small boiler.

Multi-fuel Stoves
Designed to burn solid fuels, such as wood, coal and peat. Again these types of stove may be constructed from steel or cast iron. As in an open coal fire, a grate is necessary to keep the fuel above the ash. Many multi-fuel stoves can be fitted with a boiler to provide hot water and heat several radiators.

Gas Stoves
The warmth and character of a stove with the convenience of gas. Ease of lighting, lack of ash and a cleaner chimney are making gas models more and more popular. Some models require no chimney at all if fitted to an outside wall, which makes housing the stove much more flexible.

Oil Stoves
An alternative to gas. Using 28 Sec heating oil, so you will require a storage tank.

Electric Stoves
These realistic modern stoves negate the need for even an outside wall and give even greater flexiblility when it comes to finding the ideal place for your stove. Lacking the output of other fuel choices.

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Main Street, Foxholes, England, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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